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What is Next Best Action?

“Next best action” is about customer-centric marketing, putting consumers at the heart of each and every marketing action, customer journey and experience. It considers the next action a consumer will take or should take based on the journey they’re on and the best way marketers should respond.

The term reflects digital and data-enabled marketing to meet consumers wherever and whenever they prefer across channels. It also serves as a reminder for marketers who need to understand how to wade through the infinite possibilities in front of them and to make the right choices about data, technology and channels. 

Next Best Action by V12 is a community for thought leaders and influencers in all industries to share their knowledge and experience of next best action marketing as well as learn from their peers.  Our purpose is to publish quality, informative and vendor-neutral content to inform and encourage the evolution of the Next Best Action conversation. So be sure to join in and get involved – submit your content, ask questions and share with you social networks.

About V12

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