Buy Car Online
by The Zebra When it comes to car shopping, Americans aren’t thrilled by the typical car-buying experience. Spending valuable weekend hours at the dealership in a high-pressure and time-consuming buying process seems more like a dreaded chore for most. Could these pain points be streamlined via an online car shopping experience? To get a better...
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Automotive Marketing
by Leilani Wertens, UpCity How big of an impact can your marketing strategy have on your success this year? Quite a bit, actually. Most automotive consumers don’t have a concrete idea of what they want when they begin the shopping process. Only 32 percent of shoppers know exactly what they wanted at the beginning of their journey....
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Car Shopping
The car buying journey from initial research to final purchase is increasingly complex as consumers shop, research and purchase across numerous channels. In this webinar, V12, the industry leader in automotive VIN data, explores cutting edge customer acquisition solutions specifically tailored for auto dealers.
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