Data and Technology
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(> 1 minute) Andy Frawley discusses how the concept of customer connections is evolving. Interested in learning more about V12’s marketing and technology solutions? Click here for more information.
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This episode features Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, as he discusses his book “Igniting Customer Connections”.  The book showcases lessons about how brands are driving their businesses by delivering the kinds of experiences that consumers demand.Specific topics featured in this episode include: How Emotion Impacts MarketingThe Role of Data, Technology and CreativeAtomic Moments of TruthReturn...
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Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, recently joined the Talking Stack, a weekly podcast exploring the world of MarTech.
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Marketing Data
Data is the competitive differentiator in terms of preference-driven customer experience and personalization. It is also a strategic firewall against competition.
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Using market research tactics and data can put your brand on the best path to success, providing it with the necessary tools and strategic direction throughout the development process. Whether it is brand strategy, name brand creation, or a number of additional branding development.
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