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Retail Marketing
Leading retailers have made great strides in becoming omnichannel experts. Reaching consumers across multiple channels, having a strong digital presence, engaging on social platforms, and embracing mobile continue to be key themes in targeting today’s shopper. However, being present across a myriad of channels is no longer enough to entice consumers who expect more from...
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Email Marketing
Numerous digital technologies and online marketing channels are available to today’s marketers, however email marketing is still considered the giant of digital marketing. In fact, email continues to increase in popularity as consumers flock to digital channels in response to the pandemic and younger generations favoring their smartphones to communicate with their peers, social networks,...
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Customer Acquisition
by Dale Keipert, Contributor to Business2Community Customer acquisition; the practice of bringing in new customers/clients that fit the ideal customer profile (ICP) for your company. A familiar business axiom is that as a business, you’re either growing or shrinking. There is no neutral. If we subscribe to this belief, then your customer acquisition strategy is...
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Customer Data Platform
By Greg Kihlström, Contributor to CMS Wire Competition is fierce in the area of customer experience, so having a deeper understanding of your audience is critical to success. This understanding needs to go beyond a general understanding of audience segments and personas, and achieve an ability to personalize experience for individuals. Organizations have several tools...
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Customer Experience
By Bernard Marr, Contributor to Forbes Our world is changing rapidly, and so too are consumer expectations. Therefore, if your business wants to continue to add real value and solve customers’ problems, you will have to rethink your products and services to take account of the huge shifts taking place. Broadly speaking, these shifts can...
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customer journey
By Nick Phipps, Contributor to Total Retail It’s clear that customer expectations are changing, with almost 90 percent of consumers wanting more meaningful relationships with brands. This has meant marketers are moving away from traditional marketing tactics to prioritize a customer-centric approach as failing to build relationships with consumers can be a costly mistake. To do this,...
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email marketing
by Tom Wozniak, Contributor to Business2Community As we head toward the end of 2021, it’s been a challenging and successful year for the digital marketing industry. Challenging, because of the uncharted waters brought on by the pandemic and evolving data privacy regulations. Successful, because while real-world marketing was impacted most by people staying home, the...
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marketing strategy
By Amy Fletcher, Contributor to CMS Wire The past two years have presented marketers with unprecedented challenges. Some saw their organizations bear the brunt of shutdowns while others went into overdrive. And whether business was up or down, everyone has had to rethink engagement. This shift was on even before the pandemic — largely due...
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customer experience
by Dave Sutton, Contributor to Business2Community Customer Experience (CX) expectations have been changing over the years due to the rise of digital marketing. With better ways to communicate, customers are now expecting that all brands across industries offer multi-channel engagement. Brands are expected to maintain simple and clear communications across multiple media channels powered by...
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