data-driven marketing
Consumer Data
by Boaz Grinvald, Contributor to Business 2 Community Last year (2019) businesses invested 49 billion U.S. dollars in big data analytics. Data is fast becoming the “gold” of the information age and mining this data is becoming a major goal for brands and a competitive advantage. As consumers, we’re also constantly generating and sharing data, which makes...
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Marketing Data
by Marketing Charts Data factors into the strategic decisions made by a majority of today’s marketers. A new survey [download page] from Ascend2 found that one-quarter of marketers are using marketing data as part of every strategic decision, while another 44% report that data plays a part in their decision-making most of the time. However, a moderate...
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Using market research tactics and data can put your brand on the best path to success, providing it with the necessary tools and strategic direction throughout the development process. Whether it is brand strategy, name brand creation, or a number of additional branding development.
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